Luna Withers

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2022-05-01: Rich people need it. Poor people have it. If you eat it, you die. And when you die, you take it with …

2022-04-29: Luna’s Thursday afternoon at the Tugun Skate Park

2022-01-19: Luna got a camera for Christmas 2021 and this blog is here to share her love of photography. …

2022-01-16: Loves a puppy too

2022-01-16: Love a selfie

2022-01-16: The girl loves a sunset

2022-01-16: “Can we make photos of planes, daddy?”

2022-01-16: Home

2022-01-12: Luna’s a big sister to Goldie

2021-12-25: Christmas 2021 at the Withers house

2021-12-25: Day one with a new camera